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  1. On this issue. As a USB manufacturer I want something that can be used to test if my USB is working without altering if and before sending them to the market... So advice me
  2. to understand the standard measurement for the breadboard check here Other Breadboard Sizes | Breadboards for Beginners | Adafruit Learning System
  3. what exactly do you want? the name of the component or the datasheet of the components
  4. you have just given the numerical data without being specific on what we need to do ... please post the question
  5. check this one here and maybe it can help you Motorola R2600 Service Manual - Free PDF File Sharing (juweliervisser.com)
  6. for the manuals check through this link Panasonic SC-DM3 manuals (manualsdump.com)
  7. hello check Thomson TV circuit board diagrams, schematics, PDF service manuals - Smart TV service manuals, repair, circuit diagrams, schematics (smarttvmanuals.net) and you will know a lot of things about the Thompsons tv boards
  8. In my fridge I have a fluorescent tube that helps in the lighting of the fridge. I have problem with the kind of the operations am getting from the lighting system. I have checked all the part and i have realized that they are working well except for the choke which has a problem. I even dont know how i test the functionality of the choke although from observation it has some black smoke. Help me out to see the solution.
  9. hello everybody. Am a USB manufacturer and I have had many complains from the end users of my USB product where by after sales I have gotten several information that the USB is not working, I really want to know how i can over come such challenges as for now my company reputation might go down. I want to know how i can test the end product to ensure its functionality without injecting into the phones. I have come across this type of tester ATtiny85 USB Tester - Share Project - PCBWay and am not sure if it is the best. Could any of you have adifferent idea about what am thinking of doing?
  10. first have a look at the information about transformers here Introduction to Transformer - The Engineering Projects. in this link you will learn a lot about how transformers work and how you will select the best transformer to replae the one that you have. Good lack
  11. can you check the datasheet in this link FQB60N03L Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor (alldatasheet.com) it will help you so much
  12. from my end i can realize that this is just a manufacturers part number and not standard part numbers
  13. hello 2SD613 NPN replacement is BD243C 2SD633 replacement BD649 2SD600 has replacement BD139 2SB631 has replacement BD140
  14. Hello! the best way is you draw the circuit and simulate it by yourself. That is the only way coz you will even be able to select your own components and feed the right foot prints.
  15. The best way is before using a long time disused electronic device you need to change the electrolytic capacitors. It is good to avoid risks accompanied with using a faulty capacitor.
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