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  1. power electronics is a wide topic are you talking of power electronics in matters technical, consumption, or even marketing? We will have books on different areas and hence it is good if you specify your area of interest then for me to share some.
  2. EE- Students study electricity-related things only EEE- It involves electricals and electronics. ECE here the student will learn some electronics and a bit of communication
  3. Check this datasheet LMD18200 H-Bridge: Datasheet PDF, CAD Models, Circuit [Video&FAQ] (kynix.com) , and you will get all the features of LMD18200 H-Bridge. ALL the best.
  4. I will give a simple solution to your problem. First, before designing anything physically, it is good to have a simulation of the same in software. We have so many software that is available hence search for one, install and simulate it before making it. Any questions i am available to advise accordingly.
  5. I have been researching the BC548 transistor. my focus is to build a project using the transistor. I have gotten very nice introductory messages in Introduction to BC548 - The Engineering Projects but I did not find the transistor datasheet which could guide me in the process. Can anyone help me out with the datasheet?
  6. impedance imbalance would be the big mess you will be putting yourself into.
  7. Hello The best way to go about any electronic project is first to do simulations. There is nothing more that can be achieved in a better way without simulations. Simulating a circuit makes your job easy as you will have an idea of what should be attained and what should e did for the physical project to function. You can have a try on the KiCAD EDA and see the outcome. Thank you
  8. Hey. I have been working with an OP- Amp and I got several educational content on how you need to do the connection of the OP-AMP. Check Pocket Op Amp Lab - Share Project - PCBWay to be in a safer place. You will be able to understand several characteristics of the op-amp and how to do the connection of the same amplifier.
  9. Is anybody can share this datasheet with me? thanks
  10. I hope you are now a super electronic circuit designer. Would you share with us your experiences so that we can pick a few lessons for the future?
  11. any changes in the voltages mean changes in the circuit where you will need to change the capacitors and resistors to fit your new descriptions and requirements. I believe the values of resistors etc were calculated with consideration of 24V and not any other voltages. Thanks
  12. although not sure of what you really need you can try checking on Factory Direct Sales 4-channel Rs485 Communication Relay Module Remote Control For Telecommunication from China | Tradewheel.com to see whether it is similar to what you are interested in.
  13. check here for some of the equivalent transistors Bipolar Transistor Cross-reference Search | Equivalent Transistors (alltransistors.com) check also the attached screenshot for more:
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