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  1. Hi guys, Many people started asking us about the differences between ReelMag and existing methods. So here is a comparison table showing the difference between the concepts
  2. Hello Everyone, Using SMD components for prototypes, hobby projects small batch production is all cumbersome and difficult but unavoidable. If you are into it, There is a High probability you would end up with bix boxes of ESD and component packets This resulted in ⛔Delayed projects ⛔Searching for components ⛔No track of stock ⛔creates a mess while soldering 🎉Introducing ReelMag🎉. The Revolutionary way to store and organize SMD components 💥Grab the limited-time offer to get a free ReelMag!! Check www.reelmag.store Follow us on Instagram for regular updates as we launch - https://www.instagram.com/reelmag.store/ We are planning for a Kickstarter launch soon! Comments and questions are most welcome.
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