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  1. i really want to know everything bout this project!! how it works and its analysis.. any suggestions is gladly welcome, pro or not ty...
  2. hello!!! can anyone provide me a simple cicuit of a guitar tuner?i really need one. god bless.. ty.. ruden
  3. i already made that thing instead of buying a rectifier, i bought 4 General Purpose diode, 1N4001 Disadvantage: the max out current is very low
  4. elow... i've made the LM317 variable voltage supply... it did work, but the max output current is very low.
  5. there are two 1uF capacitors in your circuit, if the capacitor your talking about is in the unknown IC1, if its 555, i've tried some experiments regarding the capacitors in 555. and it worked.
  6. there components with working voltage limits(like capacitors with WV of 50 volts,resistors of 1/4 W) that should br considered in applying other than the prescribed ivput AC voltage
  7. I have copied the amplified ear. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/023/index.html. Can someone explain this thing? How it woks? I am really curios :-\ about this "constant volume" thing that a signal with high or low amplitude can be levelled at the same point.... Please.... Thank you ;)
  8. I need[glow=red,2,300] power amp[/glow] project(no IC) pls for my project ty.
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