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  1. I'm confused on what you are trying to do. Are you just trying to add a kill button to stop the motor/?
  2. I was thinking about just resoldering all of the joints on the back. Might help, can't hurt, right? Cold solder joints can cause something like this from my experience....
  3. Well I think the first is more of the issue. I thought it would possibly be the installation myself too. I Thought about how unclean power is in a car and how much the voltage varies. I mean you will see 12.2v and then 14.4v with ranges in between. So I removed the head unit from the car and hooked it up to a clean, stable bench top power supply and it was the same or worse. That's also when it went into the security mode for the second time. I'm not paying eclipse to unlock it either, it's my cd player and they made it so I can't use it? wtf is that? So, are my options really limited here or what? Thanks, Jordan
  4. I have an Eclipse CD-8455 head unit that I'm having all kinds of trouble with. Sometimes when you turn the car off it will stay on but is frooze. Sometimes it will shutoff and you can't turn it on, it's like it's unplugged, and this is the second time it has gone into security mode and I can't unlock it without paying $25 each time. It's out of warranty so Eclipse won't help at all without money for every little thing. They said to send it in at a flat rate or $200 and they will call back if it will cost more. SCREW THAT. So, I have it all torn apart and down the the pcb. Shouldn't it come out of Security Mode if I clear the cmos? What should I do with this thing? It's a $400 head unit and I've barely used it. So frustrating, like putting $400 through the shredder. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jordan
  5. Well I talked to the guy that made the DDR circuit and got this response: I was thinking I could just make a whole new circuit that was adjusted by a pot so I can run it at any voltage I want. Then I dont have to go exactly half, maybe even run it a bit more than half... Thanks!
  6. Needs to be like the attached image. I need as clean and stable power as possible. Ive searched the net for a long time for this and just really need help. Thank you VERY much.
  7. what kind of circuit did this guy use? http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=73043 he had 2mv droop is all too
  8. lol there isnt an easy way to do it without needing big heatsinks and stuff?
  9. I thought it was becuase of the switching mosfet ??? Told you Im a noob lol. Now that you mention that, your right, its definatly linear. The guy said the mosfet gets very hot, and there arent any op amps. Do you think thats a good circuit for like 15amps of clean, stable power? Or, should I add a couple more caps and an inductor?
  10. I need a linear 5amp design that has ULTRA clean and stable power that is highly adjustable from 1.25-2v. I need the least droopage possible. Ive got a design for 5v to 2.5-4.1v now. Its a switching design. I also need this 1.25-2v design though. If someone could help me that woudl be SUPERB! Ive attached a schematic of the switching design and the parts are quoted below. If you all see a mistake or see somewhere that needs improving, please tell me. Thanks!!! -Jordan
  11. cool, thanks. Ive read that its not a real good idea in most cases to go over 150% original capacitance. The voltage doesn seem to matter either. Like I can use a 25v cap in place of a 10v cap without problems. Also Ive read that the low-ESR caps are the ones rated for 105c (usually). Sound all up to par?
  12. Does the physical size of a capacitor matter? Like a tiny 16v 1000uf just as good as a large 16v 1000uf?
  13. I want to buy an o-scope. I see ebay is probly my best bet since I dont wanna break myself on a o-scope I'll only use a few times. If someone could help me out that would be great. Just need something that works, DC, and is under like $150. I dont want some old peice of crap either. Thanks, -Jordan
  14. What about something like this? I know it doesn have VTT, but I think that would be easy to impliment... T = STP55NF03L IC = TL431 C1, C3 = 3300uF/6.3V low-ESR C2 = 100-470uF/16V low-ESR R1 = 390ohm R2 = 1.5Kohm P = 1Kohm multiturn
  15. come on guys, you will be helping out more people than just me by doing this! I know you can :-\ -Jordan
  16. Ive got another guy giving some input now. We have decided to implement a vTT circuit too. That is just another output that will be exactly half of the vDDR voltage. So, if the main voltage was 3.0v, the vTT would need to be exactly 1.5v. I've found out that I will need 3amps on the vTT circuit, but I say call it 5amps to be safe and future proof. Now, all we need is a schematic of this idea ^^^^^^^^ Thats where I ask for help from the pros, here ;D THANKS!!! -Jordan
  17. okay definatly not the second schematic... the guy that wrote the first one told me: this circuit will be used not to power a cpu (close) but to power DDR Memory. Ultimately what I want is this: http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42220 but they guy wount give me a schematic :( sooo, could someone help me with a switching design with lots of caps and chokes to keep the power nice and stable, clean, and cool? thanks guys! Ive been learning a lot already, been reading and reading and reading on the site. very informative! I already printed out a 50 page pdf book from here too! keep up the good work site admins! -Jordan
  18. could you possibly show me where and how to add it? I have another design that I could use, would this be better maybe? http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=31748 -Jordan
  19. I am sorta a noob at this stuff so I need a bit of assistance. I do know how to solder and stuff so thats not the problem. What I am building is a power circuit that will convert 12v and 5v to 2.5v-4.3v variable with .01v fluct or less. I will be needing around 15amps, and this schematic is supposed to be enough. Ive need as clean and stable power as possible for this project, and I've been told "design seems OK if you follow it..........Also ADD some electrolytic caps to the input and the output of that circuit plus chokes.........." If someone could help me inplement that stuff in that would be GREAT! I just need to know what I need to get (parts not tools) and where to get them. I usually get my stuff from Jameco.com Here is the scematic: Thanks for all the help in advance!!! -Jordan
  20. yep ive searched high and low for these ICs...they are probly 5 years old or so....
  21. Made by Analog Devices. need two IC datasheet/pinout of: ADP3011 AR7120 thanks
  22. is there anyone that would have the knowledge to help me build a ddr booster? what im looking for is Xtreme Clean power, and something that can adjust and display the voltage in thousandths. i dont need vtt tracking or any of that stuff just a something basic to supply stable and clean power to my ram. i can solder it to the boards vdimm mosfet if possible to eliminate needing a pcd card in a memory slot. if this all works nicely im considering making one for the vcore
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