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  1. Hi guys! well im posting below two diagrams. The 1st one is of the transmitter and the other one is for the reciever. The laser light will be used as the signal carrier. My question is this that as it is written in the diagram that the condenser mic is to be used. Now is it correctly written? what will happen if i use a electret mic here. I m thinking of using an electret mic with a preamplifier using TL071 opAmp. will it work? please do tell me about the technical defficiencies of this circuit if exist. Thanks a lot and Good Bye! [img width=680 height=451]http://www.geocities.com/shaiqbashir/reciever_laser.JPG
  2. in which libraries are u searching in? remember that there are two libraries. One for Capture and the other for PSPICE. The components given in the PSPICE library are able to get simulated. But the ones giving in Capture libraries cannot be simulated.
  3. Hi Audioguru! I Did it by the grace of God. The amplifier is working very fine on Veroboard. Thanks a lot Audioguru. I will be very happy if u will help me in understanding this circuit.! thanks a lot again
  4. Hey Audioguru! sorry Boss! it was my mistake! im thankful to you for telling me the difference between the twos. According to your difference, im using an electret mic. So my dear friend! today im going to solder my components on a veroboard. Then i will tell you if it will not work. Please pray for my project. Thanks once again Good Bye Regards,
  5. Hi fafa! well my dear ! this is the reason why i told you to stop using OrCAd for simulation purposes. OrCAD doesnot provide you updates regarding PSPICE libraries. You can check their website as well! www.orcadpcb.com if you find anything tell me abt that. Try using PCAD, that is professional as well as it supports update of libraries as well. ( i think so) Thanks in advance.!
  6. hi again! well! i have connected all the ground pins of LM380 with each other to the ground. But still im facing one strange thing: this is happening almost regularly that whenever i press LM380 with my thumb on the breadboard, the noise stops and all become quiet. but when i release i hear the same bOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm sound. But still the microphone is not working. I tell you that i have connected two jumper wires with the condenser mic. So, should i remove them ? what sort of wires should i connect with the mic? Please help me because it looks like that there is a little problem and after that the amplifier will work fine. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi fafa! Happy new year! well! you should use the PSPICE libraries for simulating circuits in OrCAD. but i have checked myslef there is no TL494 IC present in them. Remember that OrCAD libraries doesnot have a nice collection of ICs and transistors. It is not recommended at all to use this software for simulation. Thanks
  8. what do u think making this circuit on a veroboard will improve its performance! i mean to say NOISE REDUCTIOn to a great extent and somewhat THE EXPECTED PERFORMANCE of this circuit!
  9. Hi Audio guru! happy new year to you too! Thanks a lot for your quick response. Now my speaker is still making noise "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM" even when the mic is disconnected. im using a 14-pin LM380, so i think that you want me to connect all the ground pins with each other. is it? and how i can see that my PSU is dropping much voltage while amplifying thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Audioguru! my dear friend! i made the circuit which you have suggested above. Now what im getting is a booooooooooooooooooooom sound from my speaker continuously which increases or decreases on varyinf RV1 and volume control. Im not hearing any sound when im speaking in mic. :'( what should i do now? remmeber that im testing this circuit on breadboard right now. and the 1000uf capacitor which is connected with the supply, is of 16V instead of 25V. secondly, i have made no ground in the circuit, just connected negative supply pin to the grounded connections. Im assuming negative supply as ground. Please tell me if any mistake im making! i shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. Regards,
  11. Hi Guys! well ! i want to make a circuit with which i can control the computer with a TV remote control. IN the projects>PC related section of this website there is a circuit (Billy's Plug) which im looking for reference but the greates problem in implementing that is this that the IC TSOP 1736 is not available here at all. Now, what my question is that is this possible to replace this IC with a photo transistor or photodiode with smalle replacements. If yes then how to do that? plz help me as soon as possible! thanks and Good Bye
  12. hi guys! well im making a circuit involving the PC serial port. One pin i need to ground. Now i want to ask you that how should i do that! should i just connect it to the negative terminal of my battery? or should i make this ground by some special way? if this is i have to do then how to do it? thanks in advance!
  13. Hi guys! well! i m trying to build a power supply in order to power up my operational amplifier circuit which requires around 12-15 V and 245mA of current! will this circuit be suitable for that! http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/015/index.html here is its circuit diagram: now the description given about this circuit that the voltage are adjustable from 0-15 V but what would be the current output of this circuit? I want a current output of 245mA. pplz help me as soon as possible! Thanks in advance!
  14. HI guys! well! i just came across this circuit in the project section of this website: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/011/index.html here is its diagram: now i want to ask you about its quality? will it work properly or not? i want a voltage of around 12-15 V and a current of 245 mA. what do you think that this supply will be able to provide that or not? is there any technical mistake in its partlist or design. Plz do tell me about that! Thanks a lot in advance! Good Bye! Regards!
  15. Thanks once again audioguru! i want to ask you one more question here! if i want to arrange a power supply for this circuit, the voltage should be 12-15 volts but what should be the current requirement? plz tell me this ! your early reply shall be highly appreciated! thanks and Good Bye Regards,
  16. Thank you very much Audio Guru! you have really helped me much! i hope that this will lead me towards the correct design concept. Thank you very much Regards
  17. Hi Guys! well! i have seen in many circuits diagrams that there are some connections to a negative supply lets say "-5V" and some to grounds. now i want to ask you that what is the difference between them? actually i want to know it like this that while making a circuit how we have to configure a negative supply and a ground? is it true that battery's negative side serves as the circuit ground. If no then how we actually develp a ground in a circuit. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi Audioguru! well! a bundle of thanks to you for your tremendous help. Now my dear friend! is Ron Elliot's preamp is the same whihc i have shown above: and one more question The power amplifer figure that is present on top most part, requires a mic at its input. Now can i use a mic preamplifier as its input. What will be the change in effects. Is it going to give some greeeeeeat results? secondly if i want to play music in this amplifer, should i use a capacitor of around 1000uf? Thankss in advance Regards,
  19. Hi Audioguru! im thankful to you for your immediate responses. Actually i have taken this idea from a website: http://www.mines.edu/Academic/courses/physics/phgn217/lab10/lab10handout.htm here you can see that LM380 is used in almost the same configuration as i have used. Now my dear! according to your advice, if i just remove the pin2 of LM380 and connect it to the ground. will this circuit work then? PLease help me ! actually i should have made these tests myself but my simulation software doesnot have this LM380 in it. I have the datasheets as well! Thanks in advance Regards,
  20. Thanks audioguru! but actually this is the circuit made on Multisim. Actually the power amp section of this circuit uses LM380 instead of teh one used in the diagram above. Sorry for not mentioning that, Now tell me will it work or not? Thanks and Good Bye!
  21. Hi Guys! well! i have designed this audio amplifier. It is intended to operate an 8ohm speaker. Tell me whether it is correct or not? what are the technical deficiencies and how to remove them. remember that the input AC source actually representing a mic Thanks and Good bye!
  22. Hi Guys! well! i want to design a power audio amplifier with OPAMPS. Now i read somewhere that the one of the various Op Amps available for this is LM380. Now here is the basic circuit: now my dear friends! this circuit will work i guess. But i dont think that its a power amplifier. Now can you tell me what modifications should i have to make? similarly can i use this circuit as a electret mic preamplifer : and then the output of this preamplifier i want to use as the input of my power amplifier. Is this possible, what i have to do? plz help me as soon as possible. I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness. remember that i want to operate speakers at the output (8ohms, 4 ohms or 2 ohms) Good Bye!
  23. Hi Guuys! here is what i want to do! I want to make an Audio Amplifier with the help of a BJT Transistor. What transistor will be suitable. I want to use 8ohm speakers. Secondly, tell me about the types of feedbacks i have to provide. I shall be thankful if you will provide me good details. Thanks and Good Bye!
  24. Hi Guys! How are you? well! im trying to make the following project: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/019/index.html Now the problem is that following parts are not available in my areas: TSOP 1736/38/40 I know that this IC is the backbone of this circuit, but unfortunately this is not available in my areas. Please tell me any suitable alternative to it. So that i can make this project. I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness. Good Bye!
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