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  1. I was building this project when i came to this problem,
    i needed the make a switch that will turn the curcuit on when the switch is off.

    I probably could find it somewhere but i don't have alot of time...
              I thougt it would be simple to find it but i can't seem to find it.

    If you can give me a simple diagram of something like that i would really appreciate it.

    Thank You

  2. I got i for Christmas...


    and i can't really get it to work 
    i've practiced and practiced    still can't get it to work
    sometimes  i get it to melt  but when i try to get it where i want it, it
    turns hard
    therefore    i think harder to solder
    but everything else about it is nice
    i'm going to bu some more solder to practice with

  3. Well im trying to make walkie talkies.  And I'm trying to figure out where to buy
    or what to buy for the connections.  I know all about IR connections but i can't find anything under $50 that i can make a wireless connection.  It doesn't matter how far it can go. I just want to be able to have to have a wireless connection without having to use a IR emitter.
    And can some1 tell me how it works that would be great.

    PS:    Can u try to explain it pretty clear because I'm 11.


  4. HEy,  guys    have any1 of you guys heard of the Vex Design System?????

          Well if you haven't it is really kool...            It't a robotics kit......    With lots of kool parts and sensors and motors...      Radio Shack owned it but now  Vex Labs is buying it from them
    It is like an erector set...  but better      it can be programed... but u have to buy the programming kit first...    U use EasyC but u can use MPLAB to program it
    I really like it. ;D       


    I hope this helps starters with robotics

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