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  1. Hello...I reallyneed help I'd like to ask some questions about the room noise detector circuit in page : http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/012/index.html 1- How can i try simulation for it ?? as i tried Multisim 8 but i faild to find a mic so is there anyway for simulation ??? 2- Is it possible to work with a square wave signal as input instead of the mic ??? 3- what's the 2 poles 4 ways rotary switch & how can it be connected ??? I'll be really glad if someone answers these questions ???
  2. hi I need some help in my school project.. i'm supposed to make a temperature controling system... where when it's hot a fan works & when it's cold a heater works... My problem is that I don't know what the realy switch is .. i never worked with it before & i dunno its connection so can anybody help me please...
  3. BUT what about the other row ???
  4. hey thanks for ur help.. i don't have a picture to that switch & my camera has something wrong so i can't send a picture of ii but i can describe it.. it has 2 rows each of 3 pins. I duuno what to say more about..
  5. hello i need that the question i'll ask is a very silly one but i really dunno it's answer.. I have an on/off switch with 6 pins & i have no idea how to connect it ..can anybody help me ?
  6. hey !!! I'm just trying to have all the possible suggestions & solutions.
  7. hi i just wanna ask about something in the 555 timer... i have a school project which is about a digital clock.. i'm attaching a very simplified out line of the circuits.. i'm not attaching the details... anyway the problem is in the 555 timer ...i think it's not working properly so i just wanna know how to check it & to know if it working or not without using the oscilliscope... Do the values of R1, R2 and C1 make a difference ??? I'm using 10 Kohm & 2.2 Kohm resistors and a 100 micro farad capacitor. besides is there any way to check counters ??? i hope u can help me.
  8. hello i'm new here and this is my 1st subject.. I just need the full data sheets of 74LS160, 74LS47 & 555 timer with all the discriptions of the pins & the other stuff. Thanks alot
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