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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I am seeking help with an annoying problem for my coffee machine. It's one of those "super automatic" that grinds whole beans and then dispenses it in the brew unit to make a fresh cup of coffee. The problem is the dosimeter uses a Hall sensor mechanism to determine if there is enough ground coffee in the brewer unit. If it senses there is not enough, it will discard all the freshly grounded coffee without brewing. In theory it ensures accurate dosage of ground coffee and consistent taste of the brew. In practice, the Hall sensor often misdiagnoses, and throw away a good amount of freshly grounded coffee. So it's a big waste. Is there a way to bypass the Hall Sensor logic so that the machine will continue with the brewing process even if it "thinks" there is not enough ground coffee (i.e., no bean error)? This has been driving the coffee machine community nuts so any insight from you is appreciated. Please see p. 20 of the attached service manual on how it works. The actual sensor and the motor gear with the magnet is shown here Thanks so much for checking in. BRERA_Service_Manual.pdf
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