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3-Axis Stepper Controller


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and who program is best for you?

Like I said, in my opinion EMC2. TurboCNC is easy to setup and runs on old PCs but is rather limited in capabilities. I didn't get into much detail with Mach, but EMC2 seems very impressive. It even has ladder programming (language used in PLCs).

what caind of step motors do u use?

Small inkjet printer motors. This is a small, proof of concept machine. I've bought bigger, used motors for a bigger mill or a retrofit.
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How setting your kcam?

I made 2 boards with ucn5804b and connected it with KCam 4 CNC Controller but the step
motors are not working !

do you have working ?  ??? ???

Please how adjust the parallel port?

what windows you use? 
I have windows XP Professional and an other machine have win98SE, no working in the 2 machines

i use XP
and u mas to do this
go in port setup
an do like the pic

2, 3, 4 - x-, y-, and z-axis step inputs, respectively.

6, 7, 8 - x-, y-, and z-axis direction inputs, respectively. Direction polarity depends on the motor connections. (to switch direction polarity, simply reverse the motor connections

13, 12, 11 - these PC connections are used to bring the controlled machinery (i.e. X-Y table) to a "home" position. Normally open (N.O.) switches are used here.

u mast select &H378 or like in your bios see what are you have in your bios port setup
and select bedirektion in your bios



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