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Free sample chips!


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You won't believe this story... :o

As I have written before, I have ordered samples from some companies in order to find the best one, which is of course TI (best record : TWO days from Order to Delivery, from US to Greece). :o

But today I received something which I never ordered (and still don't know if I CAN order at all) : a five kilo box full with data books, FREE of charge, right into my door ! :o :o :o

I know you won't believe me, so I attach a photo with all the stuff laid on to my floor ! ;)

So, please pick the right answer to the question "why ?"

a. This was all a delivery mistake and I am just the lucky guy.
b. A hacker log into my account, ordered all this and paid for it !
c. TI has a LOT of money to give around and they just don't care !
d. They have read my past thread about the qualifications and they decided to give me a gift.

For your information, a local electronics store sells ONE of those data books for over 30 euros and even more !

WOW ! :o

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Thank you Mixos for these links of samples.

I've found an other one if you want to implement in your list :

I havn't try it.

But I tryed :
TEXAS I. : less than 2 days to recive components
Fairchild : I'm waitting since 1 month. 1 week ago, I recive mail of shipping
Microchip : waitting since 1 month, 2 weeks ago, I recive mail of shipping
National I. : never : When I confirm the order, they suggest me to pay ::)

For your information, I'm in France.

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Has anybody ordered samples from fairchild semiconductors?
Whenever i try to place an order they do not accept it saying that i cannot place an order.

I did :)

But do not receive all parts requested. Some product are never sent :-\

I'm surprised with your problem.
May be I can suggest you to specify only one reference per request.

Did your referencement completely ?
Did you fill you login and password ?

Could I know the reference of the product ?
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I get this message when i even before i place an order. I enter my password and user name correctly. Once i click the samples option,
i get this message.

Is this due to the place where i live and hence i cannot recive them?
Is this since i have mentioned i am a student in my registration form?

Apart from T.I. which other is the best.
I have placed my order of MAXIM and NATIONAL 2 months ago and havent recived them.

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