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You are asking STATE_MACHINE, but I will tell you my experience.  Samples I have requested from Texas Instruments, Maxim, Analog Devices, MIcrochip and Allegro have been shipped to me without complication.  Some of the items I requested from TI were rather expensive.

I have requested samples from Fairchild and National, and received them with some complication.  Now I only ask them for items nobody else has.

The requests submitted to Atmel, Ramtron, Microsemi (two years ago, I'm trying again), Sensirion, and two others I don't remember the names of, were all ignored or denied.

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Hi LdnlRosa,
  I am succeded with MAXIM, TI but did not succeded with NS, Analog ,Microchip. When i order from Microchip and Anlog they tell me to contact with the neighbourhood country sales office.

Please mention some interesting and useful chips from MAXIM and Allegro.

Does any company sends microcontroller samples ? ??? ???

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Someone from Central Semiconductor called me a few days after my sample request.  Some quesitons were asked (reasonable ones), some answers were given (true ones).  Not all of the items I asked for were in stock.  The CLDs were changed to a different value.  One of the TRIAC PNs was altered, another omitted, and a third had only nine in stock.

Long story short, I got what I asked for if it was available.  I also got three data reference manuals.

My request to Microsemi has not yet been answered.  Nor has Ramtron responded.

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Everyone gives away the assembly code programming compilers. There are also many free C compilers, but they are very specific to the brand of chip you use. For example, you would need a different compiler for PIC than you would need for AVR if you write in C. Actually, you would use different instructions in asm, too. The reason is that the different micros have different instruction sets and different hardware, etc. The micro manufacturers seem to cater to different parts of the world. AVR is easy to get samples in the US whereas it is hard to get free samples in some other Countries where PIC is easier to get for free. Just go their websites and ask. If you can get free samples, they will put a distributor in touch with you.


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