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Greetings! I assume the readers hereof will be both youngsters with little experience, eager and willing to "go GET it", and some OLD guys like me who have "been there, DONE that!".

If any of either group have a question or need for an idea, etc., TRY me!

Jan Rowland

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;Dhi! i hope you can can help me out on this, i have come upon an audio amp which i believe would be a very good one, however it gives out 120w rms and is supplied with +/-56v which i dont need. what i want is a lower output and a lower supply level say 18-24v. i am planning not to use the same aoutput transistors, drivers. can i still use the same resistor values bcoz i believe the current would also go down to the new voltage level? :-X

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How low would you want your output level to be?.
If you just want it to be a few watts lower, you might experiment a bit with the variable resistor's values that fuction as the gain control.
All you have to change is the devices in the final output stage as these usually does the main amplifying.
Easy way to do is just lower the max value of the volume control potentiometer by replacing it. I don't know the max current ratings of your devices so if you can experiment it by using a computer based simulator it might be safer.
I don't know if this helps just trying my hand at your prob.

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