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frequency to voltage conversion question


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Hello all,
I am working on a model scale maglev train. along the track there are sensors that detect the positino of the vehicle and power current through a respective coil to form a LIM. I wanted to find an easy way to monitor the speed of the train by using the sensor frequency (evenly spaced) and to give an output. I am not real fond of microcontrollers so i planned to use an LM2917/LM2907 frequency to voltage converter, and then use that voltage to drive a row of led's using a LM3914. The only thing i didnt take into consideration is the train with respect to sensor position (about 4 inches apart) will be outputting a frequency at maximum of 1Hz which would not produce barely any voltage at all coming out of the FTV and therefore not drive the led's. I was wondering if someone was familiar with a way of multiplying such a low frequency into something that the FTV converter would find useful to put out a reasonable voltage, or possibly a simple, yet entirely different approach.

btw. love this site, plan on hanging a round a lot

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