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Capacitors Codes


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Tankx Mike
But help me out just litle more more
As I figured out the capacitor marked 2A472K should have value +45 deg C +1% and 4,700 pF +-/10%

Some may think I'm stupid but I just want to be sure I figured it out just right and what a better way of doing it than consulting someone who knows it better.
Cheers ;D

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:) :) i hope this helps. ceramic capacitor marked 104k, 63,
and under it, y5p 104=100,000pf=100nf=0.1uf k= +- 10% tollerance. 63 is for 63 volts. y= - 30 degrees celcious, p= +- 10% stability.

ceramic capacitors, with non -linear tempiture coeficients, sometimes use a 3 digit code to indicate there operating tempiture and there stability over that range.

the first character like y - 30 degree cellcious. second character 7 thats +125 degree celcious 3rd character p is +/- 10per cent stability. from steven

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Not sure if anyone cares about this but I did some digging and found another ESR capacitor meter. It's cheaper than the "Wizard" and has a digital display:


It's available in kit form or preassembled. Testing caps in-circuit sounds like a great idea. Anyone tried this meter? Comments anyone?

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Guest Yevgenip

usualy, capasitors with a three digit code are most common.
the first two digits specify a number and the third is how many zeros you need to add after it. the value is in pF.
for example, if you have a capacitor with the code 104, its value is
10 0000 pF.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

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