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Wireless remote power supply

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There is this particular project on remote monitoring of physiological parameters using an implantable device coupled with IC based circuitry....As it is bioimplantable...i desire to avoid using Li batteries and want to supply the power to mycircuit wirelessly for that i want some ideas to work on

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Sounds like an interesting project. What are you making? there are a number of alternatives to battery. One option is what is known as super caps, which is what is used in many computer systems. Once they are charged they will hold a charge for a very long time and thus are used in the place of batteries in many applications. One thing you did not state is how much voltage and how much current you will need. Another alternative is solar power. Of course you either need the storage device or only use the device when there is sun. Next, there is radio waves. I think this is closer to what you are wanting. Any time you capture an RF signal, you have a voltage. It is not very large, but you can actually make a power supply from a simple radio receiver circuit.

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