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Event triggered pulse generator help?

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This is my first post. I'm trying to modify a circuit so it can be turned on via a SPST slide switch. Currently the circuit (an OEM; un-modifiable) is turned on via a momentary push button switch. That switch creates a negative pulse which turns on the circuit, and then off again when the button is pushed again.

What I want to do is enable the circuit to be turned on via a SPST switch. This means I need a circuit that will generate a negative pulse (or a positive pulse sent through an inverter) whenever the slide switch turns on and off. This timing diagram below may or may not make it clearer:

SPST switch: ---------------------------------------------
| |
------- -----------------

I need ??? ------- -------------------------------------- -----------
| | | |
------ ------

OEM ckt. --------------------------------------------
| |
------- -----------------

Any ideas are appreciated.

Jonathan B.

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