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Tranformer questions

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I have a transformer out of an old Sanyo receiver that I would like to use for tinkering rather than contribute to the landfill. I realize tranformers aren't rated by pounds/kg but it seems rather substantial (and useful?).

It's in a molded metal "container" with some numbers on it that are 1/2 wiped off.

1. Without the part number and Sanyo's help (LOL!), I can't easily determine the volts/amps rating of this, can I?

2. Do these types of transformers tend to be better quality when used in sound systems?

3. Might this be useful for the "0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY..." project or do these tranformers tend to have small amperage ratings?

I know, I know! I can buy the proper transformer for $20-$30 but I like the learning.

Thanks for any info.

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Sometimes it is easier to get the specs on the receiver. If you can find the schematic of the receiver, it will probably have the transformer information on it. You might try a search with the model name and the word schematic to see if someone has it on the web.

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