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Making PCBs with magazine's paper

Guest Kasamiko

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I  found  That site useful

Black and White Laser Printers are cheep. I buy mine at TigerDirect.com, They have alot of refub's for under a 100 bucks.

The boards i make are small so the paper  I use, I first cut down in size something like  4 by 5 inches. 

As far a removing the paper off the board after ironing, Soaking in warm soapy water works but is a little slow. I was thinking of try something like wall paper remover to see if that speeds things up.

Have fun gogo

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  I tried a lot of different paper for making PCB's, Tried Photo Paper with good resluts but it took to long to soak the paper off then I read the magizine Post.
    I used to work for a printing company and seen a lot of different paper. So I tried some high gloss paper that they used in the prof department. Found the perfect paper and its common. Made by Hammermill. Called OfficeOne  Business Gloss 32lb .
Staples handles it,  bought a 300 count rem for 8 dallors.
    It works great haven't had any pit holes. I  laser print, then iron it on the board
( I get it as hot as I can, when it hits the water soak I can hear it sizzle) It only take about a minute to water soak the paper off, and it comes off easy, drill holes and all.
  If you don't have a laser printer and don't want to buy one  most Photo copiers are laser. I f you can find someone to make copies for you see if they have the gloss paper. I have had good luck with local Office supply stores. 

  Good Luck  gogo

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I finally did it! YAY! it turned out super crapy! I don't know what I did wrong... I think in part the photo paper I used sucked... My lines whern't thick enough either I don't think. I only made them 3px wide.

I had questions...
The paper stuck to the toner, was it the paper, did I iron to long/short, maybe both?
How many pixels should I make the lines?
How many pixels should the holes be to be able to drill a 1/16" hole?

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