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STi5518 Datasheet


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Hello HA,
I have found the following link at ST Electronics.


It is the press release for the STi5518. This is a pretty interesting chip with a lot of features. If you do not find the data you need from this link, they have a contact link on this page. You can request the data sheet directly.
It would be interesting to hear about your project when you have time to share. ;D


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I found some additional info about STi5518:

The STi5518 is a highly integrated single-chip decoder, designed for use in feature-rich mass-market set-top boxes. It integrates a high performance 32-bit CPU, a dedicated block for DVB/DirectTV transport demultiplexing and descrambling, modules for MPEG-2 video and audio decoding with 3D-surround and MP3 support, advanced display and graphics features, a digital video encoder, and all of the system peripherals required in a typical low-cost interactive receiver.

To cover the needs of DVD-capable set-top boxes, STi5518 integration options include a CSS decryption block, a Dolby Digital audio decoder and Macrovision copy protection.

An ATAPI interface support is built-in, supporting the glueless connection of standard Hard Disk Drives. In this way, the STi5518 is ideal for set-top boxes featuring trick modes such as live TV recording, pausing and time-shifting.

The STi5518 is backward compatible with the popular STi5500 set-top box decoder, allowing easy migration from the previous generation.

The high level of integration in a single PQFP-208 package makes the STi5518 ideally suited for low-cost, high volume set-top box applications


Integrated 32-bit host CPU @ 81MHz
2 Kbytes of instruction cache, 2 Kbytes of data cache, and 4Kbytes of SRAM configurable as data cache.

Audio decoder
5.1 channel Dolby

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I would be interested to know how you ascertained the data sheet for that chip. I abandoned a project 6 months ago that used a surplus STi5500 , I knew that it was fully video capable - and was planning to use it as a base in a home video entertainment/PC , however, I could not get the information on it. :)

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Guest fettaliens

Thank you very much mixos :). I have Already these file 5518ds.pdf. I need the registers manual of sti5518 (5518rm.pdf) .I find it in http://www.elektroda.pl/eboard/ftopic66498.html but it not easy to download. :'(

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