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A full featured RDS Encoder (stand alone !)

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Hi !

You can find a complete RDS encoder project at

http://www.myrds.fr.fm Build it yourself, it's FREE :P



* Fully stand-alone : LCD 2x16 characters and PS2 keyboard controlled.
* Real time encoding : programming "on-the-fly", the RDS never stop to stream.
* More than 128 dynamic PS with delay up to 255s.
* Scrolling PS (PS Text) : up to 1024 characters.
* 2 lines RadioText : 2x64 characters.
* 32 PTYs.
* 7 Alternative Frequencies (AF).
* Traffic Program & Traffic Announcement (TP,TA) on keyboard's keypress.
* RDS Decoder software (www.esslinger.de) compatible.
* Winamp plug-in ("Now playing :")
* Full documentation & construction details available.
* FREE !

Enjoy !

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