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It is very handy to have some good component testers around and ive biut some simple ones to make fault finding a breeze , especially for high voltage ignition coil driver circiuts and high voltage flyback driver circiuts etc etc. here is a list 555ic timer tester .

Logic ic tester includea 4001 and 4011 just plug them in and push button to test. allso the 1458 ic tester and 741 ic tester and n channel mosfet tester and more , when you dazel into electronics its very handy to have a good supply of testers around .

I have even build a simple scr testor, this uses a 12 volts auto indicater flasher unit . and the same idea i use as a reverse mode transformer pulse circiut tester to test transformers in reverse mode, tthis puts out one pulse then after that the second kickback pulse from the transfromer output this comes from the colapsing magnetic feild in the 12 volts auto indicator flasher unit coil.

You will find these handy dany flasher units at any wreakers or car parts place or in your own car [email protected]

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