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Homemade metalic discharge globes


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;) These are simple to make for high voltage arcs from circiuts like high voltage ignition coil drivers . well the high voltage arcs from the coils, ive designed 2 so far and first, i cut 2 = lengths of pvc pipe with a diameter enougth to house the metal part of a house hold light globe.

Then starting at the top edge of the pvc pipe wind a layer of wire not thin, then start winding till you get to the bottom,then drill a small hole and poke the wire through.

At the top where it is wound sand any coating or insulation off then unwind it one wound and rewind it to contact the metal part of the house hold light globe used.

Then with a small artist paint brush, brush a thin coating of wood glue over the globe, then if you have alliuminium fileings filed from a peace of alliuminium , sprinkle it over the globe and allow to dry, you can do this with coper silver or gold if you like .

Once the glue is dried touch up any erea where you can see the glass or the light bulb through then sprinkle more fileings over it and allow to dry, this will make one high voltage discharge electrode. you will need to repeat these steps to make the second electrode [email protected]


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I have seen several posts from you regarding the projects you are working on. Why don't you upload them to the forum? I am sure several others will be very interested in them also.
If the upload area is not up, you can e-mail them to Mixos on this site.


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