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Homemade capacitor holders


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Home made capacitor holders can be made even for microwave oven capacitors useing the same ideas to the homemade circiut project boxes i posted before. first if you want a microwave , oven capacitor holder .

Cut a short length of pvc pipe , thin but with a diamerter large enougth to cut down one side and heated to soften it and bend it out and flatten it . look at the length of your microwave oven capacitor or any other capacitor like electro for which you want to make a holder for.

With your flattend pvc pipe ready cut out a long rectangle shape with a steel saw blade secured by a handle not frame type. the rectangle should be long and less wider than the length of your capacitor . once you have done this sand the edgers smooth with any sand paper ,useing a pair of long nose pliers hold the pvc plastic over a stove flame and heat it evenly along it till its soft enougth to droop down then with your capacitor in hand and a pair of matierial work gloves .

Put the soften pvc on top of the capacitor and mould it around the capacitor with your hands and hold it tight untill the plastic cools and goes hard and stays there. there you have it bent to shape around the capacitor bend the ends of pvc out for legs . you can bend both ends out and under the capacitor .

When you' ve done that cut the ends of the pvc cap holder so they are the same on both sides of the capacitor then file the corners and round them off and drill one hole through each capacitor holder leg. so you can secure it with bolts to your project box etc etc. file the hole into an oval shape on one side so you can adjust the cap holder .

The opisite side leave just a round hole for the bolt to goe through. steven [email protected]


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in this picture is a capacitor holder made from a flattend peace of pvc water pipe,  the same stuff i used to make the home made pvc circuit boxs , the electrolytic capacitor i made the holder for is a 400vw 22o uf and on the right  is an allready cut pvc peace  that needs to be heated to soften it then wrapped around the electro and held till its cooled down and gone hard then the bottom bits where the srew holes go these are bent out with a pair of pliers


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:)its allways handy to have a electrolytic capacitor holder , especially if you want to isolate the electro from the main board in oder to make more space on the same main board, in the back ground of this picture is another capacitor holder made to hold 2x 40 volts 5800uf electros


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