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Rolls-Royce Show Engine Motor Controller

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Hello people

I have got the task of building a show engine for the new Rolls-Royce Phantom. The engine is motorised and is going to be powered with a 220v single phase 50Hz supply. The motor will have a rating of about 3kW. I would like to vary the speed of the motor using the cars throttle pedal. The pedal uses a hall sensor (i think this is the same as a variable resistor but with no physical electrical contact. The pedal is supplied with 5v and has an output of between 750mv and 4500mv. Can anybody help me design a circuit to control this motor?

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What you might be looking at is a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). This is used to tell the on-board computer the position of the pedal in order to make other decisions such as what gear to change in the auto transmission or to richen the fuel mixture. I am not familiar with this particular engine but I do have overall experience with automotive computers in general. I have found that the best way to control the throttle on these engines without causing other errors is to connect a cruise control servo to the throttle link at the carb or fuel injection and control the servo with electrical pulses.


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