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Diodes for Infrared Gate


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What you need is two "infrared LEDs" as mozikluv noticed... they look like a common led diode in clear plastic or violet color (see attachment) but they emmite light you can't see with eyes because it's infrared...

Is this helping you? Did you finally understund it?

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The schematic would imply that the center diode is the transmit LED, which has a good current rating with the resistor used at low volt. (Most IR projects use 3V.)

The schemtic would also imply that the other two devices are 'receive' since the schematic symbol is pointing the arrows toward the LED symbol. This makes sense at it would complete the circuit and trigger the transistors. In this case, mozikluvs calculation would not be correct. This is the receive part of the circuit, not the transmit. You would want a small current here. This device is switching connection to ground on or off, depending upon if it sees IR.


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hey there's a similar design but with two emitters and one receiver in the middle at lynxmotion site let me find it ....
there it is
if you can't find it just look at the products
there is a uk distibutor also for distribution other than usa

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