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Artificial Retina


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Have you ever heard about artificial retina. Well the is some research going on about blind people and how to replace their damaged retina in the eye. Guess what they came up with.
"The Mitsubishi CMOS Image Sensor (Device No. M64283FP)... Here are some very usefull information copied and pasted from a site.

""The Mitsubishi CMOS Image Sensor (Device No. M64283FP) is an intelligent sensor based on the new concept: integrating on a silicon chip the information compression function (e.g. projecting two-dimensional image to one-dimensional data) and the parallel processing function (e.g. edge extraction of a two dimensional image). This device, different from a CCD image sensor, can capture an image and process the image, and adjust the analog output signal of each pixel (programmable output offset voltage, etc.)

The image processing includes capturing a positive/negative image and extracting or enhancing the edges of the objects in an image. This chip can capture an image as a standard image sensor and also extract the edges of objects as a human eye. This chip performs a high speed and intelligent processing by itself with low power consumption. Moreover, different from the traditional CCD image sensor, this device can be controlled by an inexpensive microcontroller (MCU). An MCU can change the functions of the CMOS Image Sensor; therefore, the total system cost would be reduced. M64283FP has the resolution of 128x128 pixels."

If you read about it you'll find out how brilliant it is. On the other hand it's a bit hard to find. But guess what. GAMEBOY users using a gameboy camera have allready access to it, because this camera is built using this chip. So everything is ready for u. It's hackable friendly and you will be amazed how easy it is to use it with a microcontroller. AND EVEN more amazingly the camera is cheaper than the chip itself.

I was going to use it for my project but it is a project in itself waiting to get a hold of it. here's a good site to start from.


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