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produce electricity using quartz cristals...


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when a quartz cristal is swueezed it produces some electricity.
has anyone thought to use this for charging something?

or maybe use this electricity to power something?
these kind of things are used in lighters and other stuff.

has anyone actually built this???

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Crystals are used to charge batteries of mobiles ,etc . the crystals are kept in the heels of the shoes so as you walk charging takes place. Pocket radio and other devices are quite suitable for this.

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Sorry for delay since i was quite busy. I got this information from my friend who had read this in some newspaper.

I'll try to find the schematic diagram.

You could try it out yourself.

I could not do it myself since i could not get suitable size crystals.

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Hi ante. To add to this:
Yes, this is mostly dependent upon the voltage available. (but of course voltage does not move without current) As we see in a solar panel charging a 12 VDC car battery, there is not much current coming from the solar panel, but the voltage is normally around 20 VDC when not connected to anything. When connected together, the battery then pulls the solar panel voltage down to it's voltage potential and the solar panel gives the battery some charge.
This is only able to work because the solar panel continues to convert light to energy. If it were just a storage container, it would just be drained by the large capacity of the battery and become useless.

I am curious to see how these crystals work in this scheme. I am assuming the use of crystals might be what is called a trickle charge?


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:)this is intresting , the generation of electrissity useing quartz crystals. well when the movement of the earths crust happens dureing an earth quake, the quartz in the ground is subjected to alot of stress this causes it to give off energy , now you can test this on a small scale, you will need one small flatt quartz speaker ,i think it is. youll find them in those musical cards that play musical tunes when you open them. take the small disk shape speaker, out and solder an led to it. a small led, get the legs right way around positive to positive of speaker disc and negative to negative, it may work the other way around, but when you subject that little disk to pressure from slightly bending it, the led will light up as you apply pressure to it when bending it slightly, steven

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