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http://www.hobid.com/ (bid, buy, and sell electronic parts)
http://www.usbid.com/ ( obsolete and hard to find parts)

see ya.

And this one.... They have "free" schematic capture software that is downloadable and layout etc and net list generator....
http://www.pcbexpress.com/ pc boards

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I have tried out their software and I have gotten pricing from them using the board layout program. The two quotes I got were not too bad, but were in the ball park with some other companies on the web. The big concern to me is this: I make all of my designs in their software and I am going about my business as a happy customer and BOOM! The day arrives where their prices suck. Now all of my boards are done in their layout program so what do I do? I bite the bullet and pay them more than what I want, or I redesign all of my circuit boards so that they are in a format that anyone can use.
Alternative? Yes, use a different free layout software (and there are many) which will allow you to output the artwork in Gerber format. This is the accepted standard for any board house. Yes, even PCBExpress will take them. This way you will never get caught in a situation such as the above.


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You make a very good point MP. Shop around or find something that outputs gerber files. We used them for prototypes like test boards and stuff we needed that was not going to sold or whatever. So use the ole brain matter and go with what's best for you.
See ya........ Cheers!!!!

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We are Global Independent Electronic Component Distributor - We  Buy & Sell all kinds of electronic components  .  Request Quote, wholesale Price, Datasheet and Cross of Electronic Components  online @

http://forum.legendny.com - for posting requirements and offers
http://stock.legendny.com - our component stock in new york

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