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Motorola Diode C10


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On a board it is marked as a diode (i.e. V102 or something like that).
By itself it looks like a diode, 1/8'' small cilinder, the simbols are written across it, as follows
and at the end there is a Motorola sign
M (a kind of 2 arrow tips pointing upward)
it has ~+10V on cathode and ~-20V on anode

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All right.
It is a fraction collector, Frac-100. Made by Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden. There is no schematics in documentation.
I traced a little the circuitboard. So, there are 2 bridge rectifiers after transformer. One gives 10 and the other one 20V DC. +10V go to voltage regulator and become +5V (it is used fo TTL), between those 5V and -20V this diode and 1W resistor (as a voltage divider) are placed. 20V are used to operate a stepping motor (it activates by the 20V saw shape signal).
That is basically everithing I could gather.
Thank you for your efforts.

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