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Acoustic Generator


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Hi friends
a very simple problem.
i use a acoustic generator and i do not have the manual
My generator has 1 input and 2 outputs in BNC

The one output is called TTL out .WHAT IS THIS??? How does it works?
The second output is the 50Ohm output. 50 ohms is its internal resistance?
The input is called Sweep in. What is this and how does it works?

Another problem is the DC offset button and the +/- offset trimmer .What are they and how do they work ? when do we need them?

I know many things about acoustic,electronics , but it is my first time with an acoustic generator


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Maybe it is not an acoustic generator. What is the max frequency yo can get?

TTL output : here the width of the output is fixed at 5Vp-p. The low is at 0V and the high is at 5V. This is suitable for digital electronic circuits with gates etc.

50Ohm output is the normal output. the width is not fixed and you can specify the output width with a knob probably marked gain or something.And yes it is its internal resistance. use a coaxial cable.

Sweep in is propably an input which controls the output (like modulation) but I'm not sure.

The dc offset value is the value that ur signal is around zero. For exaple a normal sine wave signal with no dc offset has an average value of 0. If you put a dc offset of +5V this value will be 5V. My poor english cant make it easier, check the attachment


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Thanks for replying
Actually it is a function generatos with max frequency 2MHz

I tied the TTl output in my osciloscope and i found a +4Volt signal (the dc offset doesent work in TTL output)
I really cant understand where to use this signal
If someone knows please tell me

Now ,about the dc offset you were right
I thought that the +/- dc offset was something like a clipping signal (like when an amp is clipping its output)
In my osciloscope when i was in ac mode and i was checking the output i found a signal like a clipping output of an amp when i adjusted the dc offset knob
But in DC mode , i found that the dc offset is what the reply was talking about .

I cant still understand what the sweep in is .
I really want to use sweep signal , and i dont know how it works!!

As for the coaxial cable i have some questions.Why should i use coaxial cable?
When i want to drive an external amp with the generator i shouldT use a coaxial? The end of the cable should be RCA !!!!

And final question :
Can i drive for example a speaker direct from the generator?
Or should i drive an amp for example and then a speaker?

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I think a sweep input implies that two signals act on each other. I don't think there has to be modulation. I think the sweep part has to do with the fact that the other signal can have any time base. You can get interesting results when you combine two signals. The TTL output is your normal output and the 500 ohm could be for transmission purposes if the other signal has a short time base. This gets into impedance matching.

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