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SAD 1024

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The SAD 1024 is a "Bucket Brigade" analog delay chip made by Reticon, discontinued several years ago. It is obsolete and you will not find one except in some rare surplus lots. If you happen to have one, you will find that they were used primarily for flangers, chorus, and echo music effects. I do not think I have an electronic copy of the data sheet but I am sure I have a hard copy somewhere. I will look around for the hard copy and see what it will take to turn it into an electronic copy if no one else posts one to this forum for you.

What do you mean by "you need an application" for the chip?


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Not directly replacable by the MN1024, but you could use it instead if you lay out a different circuit board. It uses a different pin out and clock ckt. The SAD1024 was very prone to circuit noise whereas the MN1024 was not. In fact, the SAD chip was so bad with noise that you would almost always see a compander used in conjunction with it to get rid of the noise.
BTW, the MN1024 is also obsolete. The digital delay lines took over, although this was after I quit fooling with these chips so I am not familiar with what is presently the popular delay line.

Perhaps someone would like to continue this discussion in the "Circuit Ideas/Requests" area of this forum.


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