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Cold Heat Soldering Tool


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I got i for Christmas...


and i can't really get it to work 
i've practiced and practiced    still can't get it to work
sometimes  i get it to melt  but when i try to get it where i want it, it
turns hard
therefore    i think harder to solder
but everything else about it is nice
i'm going to bu some more solder to practice with

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The 'COLD HEAT' soldering iron works on the tiny amount of current needed to heat the element at the end of the device.  Look closely at the end of the tip.
It has a divide down the middle.  Both sides of the tip must touch a conductor.
The current flowing through the conductor will cause it to heat very quickly.

On the Top of the device is an LED that should turn RED when the tip is in contact with a good conductor.  AS the heat builds you can then add solder.

On the TV ad they show people (ZAPPING) things together.  In fact that is a BAD thing to do because the solder and metal have not had a chance to 'FLOW' and as a result you will get a cold solder joint.  Leave the device ON the part for a moment and then add the solder. Just like you would with a normal soldering iron.
The tip REALLY DOES cool down as fast as they say. So I do like using mine.
I have a few butane irons I have used also but the heat from the flame on the side of the units melt and burn nearby parts.  The "COLD HEAT' unit has some good uses but it is not a universal tool.

Important tip.  Never heat the SOLDER.  as the solder melts the electrical contact will break and it will be hard to keep the heat flowing. Remember it cools down VERY fast.  Heat the PART then add the solder to the PART not the tip.

Let me know if that helps.

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I got one of these dumb things for christmas last year and it is not so great for electronics. I got the pro version which appears to be a bit more bulky and hard to handle in tight spaces. I've found the tip for this thing to be a bit big as well, it wants to touch more than I want it to. I have also found that you have to get that tip on there just right or it wont turn on. The only advantage to this thing is that you don't have a cord to get in your way. Other wise, it's not that great.

I would recommend saving your money for a solder desolder station... I would love to have one of those...!

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