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This simple scr testor uses very few components but the main one is the 12 volts auto indicator flasher unit from a car. of which is what flashers your indicators, the socket to plug the scr into you can make by breaking down a large intergrated circiut socket, into a length that has 3 sockets for a 3 legged component .

You will get the idea by viewing the n channel mosfet testor of which the ic socket section for plugging the mosfet into has 4 sections insteatd of 3, but you only use 3. the extra one . disregard. it now3 this scr testor allso ,as i found out recently has a few good uses. and one is a reverse mode transformer testor , which puts out 2 pulses from a 12 volts input, one is the steped up voltage from the transformer the second is the kickback pulse from the indicator flasher units internal coil or relay coil.

by Steven

This simple scr testor , has some good uses and i used it to pulse test a transformer in reverse mode i got one good shock from the transformer and a small one followed , i beleave was the kickback pulse from the flasher units coil in the picture you see the scr plugged into a cut down ic socket, of which i used as an scr plug . just push the button for a short time to test the scr ,and once the relay activates and the led blinks on and off till the internal capacitor in the flasher units charge is drained . but as long as the relay activates and the led blinks you can still be asure the scr is working ok , as its part of the circiut.

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by useing the same 12 volts automoble indicater flasher unit i constructed simple reverse mode transformer pulse testerm it can be used to test ignition coils out to , now the relay and its internal electro get charged up and as the relay flasher activates like a relay dose it then closes the battery circuit thus permiting voltage to flow between relay activation times so every time the flash unit activates , a dc pulse will flow to the transformer, and as the relays internal capacitor runs low the relay then shuts off,. when this happens, a reverse voltage kick back pulse from the irelay indicater flasher units internal coil will flow back to the transformer in reverse mode so what you feel is 2 timed pulses one big and one small


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if you dont have a 10 volts dc 300 ma power supply for the scr tester you can use 12 volts 250 milliamps power supply. if you use 12 volts and more than 1 amp the c1066 scr i tested burnt out from to much current and the realy started flashing without the use of the push button so if the relay flashers strait away before you can push the buton then the scr is faulty or your useing a power source with to much current output, so when you get it right and push the button to test the led will blink and the realy flasher unit will click on and off . when you hold the button down to test the scr remember to do this for a short time only, of which is all you need to do to test the scr out , i tested the 800 volts scr out today and it is ok , if you hold the button down to long when testing out the c106d scr it will heat up so dont hold the button in to long

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heres a simple circuit i made from a few parts , and this may be intergrated into the scr testor circuit, with a few modifications, now this circuit may be good for a trigger coil tester or maybe led tester , the idea is by modifying the scr tester and run a circuit through the flasher realy contacts so when the relay closes the dc flowing into this circuit enables the red led to blink indicateing dc flow , and at the same time the trigger coil is energized , and when the relay flasher indicator drops out  when its internal capacitor discharges , the colapesing electromagnetic feild in the trigger coil then induces a ac voltage which then blinks the second green led , so the 2 leds will blink alternately like indicater lights , one for dc and one for ac


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