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High voltage pollarity indicator circuit/hv optimizer


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This simple looking circiut i modified to run off the high voltage output of one out of 2 high voltage output flyback transformers in a multiflyback driver circiut i biult, the leds work perfect no burnouts and by adjusting the driver circiut i get one led come on telling me its high voltage dc, with some more adjustments i get 2 leds come on telling me its now high voltage ac, 2 of the wires dont touch, as one is an antanae and the other hv out, i found not only increased arcs but plenty blue , leaveing me to ponder if this would be a good lifter power source like used in the j naudin lifter sites on the net so ill be conducting more tests.

by Steven

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:D :D from steven this is the circuit i tested with the high voltage output of a flyback transformer, when some where dureing the test a wire came off a potentiometer in the flyback driver circuit and the arcs shot really far because the flyback was in resosnance with the n channel mosfet, acording to my source,

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