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Single ignition coil driver circuit with modified ignition coil


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:) This circiut housed in one of my home made pvc circiut boxes consists of a driver circiut and 12 volts regulator circiut and on the right a modified 12 volts auto ignition coil . the timer for the circiut is at the front pannel pluged into a 555 ic socket fixed to an ic mounting board ,this socket protrude out the front pannel to make replacements simple in case the timer goes faulty.

The 2n3055 npn power transister is at the rear on a heatsink so its easy to replace, like the timer which you only have to unplug it and plug in a new one the modified coil has a new pvc body and the negative input and negative return are rerouted away from the hv positive out of the coil so theres no arcing. the pvc coil body is held in place by a home made pvc coil holder

by Steven

:) This is a multi ignition coil driver circiut with one modified 12 volts auto ignition coil and one unmodified 12 volts auto ignition coil so this has 2 high voltage returns , one at the front and one at the rear

:) This circiut allso housed in a home made pvc circiut box consists, of an ignition coil driver circiut and modified 12 volts auto ignition coil and high voltage trippler, black coloured, and a hiigh voltage modified polarity indicator. the 2n3055 npn transistor at the rear easy to replace and timer at the front just plug it in and this circiut puts out deadly thick looking arcs of electrissity

:) This is another high voltage circiut consists of an ignition coil driver circiut with transistor at the rear and timer at the front pannel for easy access and replacement. allso another type of high voltage trippler and modified 12 volts auto ignition coil the trippler is green and coil black

:) This multi flyback transformer unit contain 2 different types of flyback transformers, one has the hv output and returns both at the top . and can be switched in one at a time for use, the driver circiut is separate and the meter was a 50 volts meter but i use it as a ion wind meter . now this meter only has one wire the other terminal which i have not finished doing is gona be the antanae for high voltage ion wind if ive got it corect so this meter works in what looks like open circiut . its all been tested .

The flyback transformer with the hv output and return at the top is the one that can run through the high voltage pollarity indicator circiut with greater arcs than without and other suprizes

by Steven

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