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Swinging arm assembly type ufo detector


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With the counter balenced swinging arm sitting on the pivot needle ,with its magnetic needle sitting midway inside the contact coil switch it on. any magnetic feilds or ground vibrations like an earth quake can set it off. once the detector goes off it will continue sounding till you switch it off and reset the detector so the needle is set in middle position through the contact coil without touching it, then switch it back on again. the electronics section is housed at the narrow end of the detector plattform it is afixed to ,this is made of wood in a near long tryangle shape , so that the electronics section is at a reasonable distance from the swinging arm peace. it runs off a nine volts battery.

by Steven

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here is what the electronics section of this simple swinging arm type ufo detector looks like , now the 2 wires sticking out the bottom go to the contact section , one goes to the pivot stand where the swinging arm sits, on top of the pivot needle, and the other wire goes to the contact coil, which the swinging  arm contact, needle sits through it , and aligned  so as to sit mid way in the coil without touching it ,  a ufo magnetic feild or ground vibration will cause the magnetic needle  to pull to iether side, till it contacts the coil, then the buzzer will trigger and led come on. in the pictuers here , i dident put in a black slideing on and off switch as  i plan to use this for something else , but for this detector the slideing on and off switch is easy to use without causeing the detecter to rock or move, thus triggering it off , so you set it up and line it up till its needle sits half way though coil then turn it on and onec it goes off it will keep sounding to you turn it of then line it up so needle sits midway through coil without contacting it thewn turn it on again , in the picture i used a push off push button to open the circuit and when i touch the 2 output contact wires its goes off till i push the putton so its very sensitive to mioster in your fingers to  , and holding one wire then touching the other lightly  the signal will goe right through me to the other wire im holding and set it off


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