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Remote Controlled Lawn Mower

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John, I am sitting here chuckling as I visualize the mower running over the power cord... ;D Oddly enough, most people have this problem with an electric push mower while they are pushing it.

Perhaps we will see some ideas for the remote control version. Is it a gas mower or electric? A gas mower has the possibility of running an inverter for the power to the push motors. Then maybe RC for the control?


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It has a 1 1/2 hp Reversable AC Motor. The original Motor burned out so I upgraded to a larger motor that is used on electric gate openers. It Runs on 120vac.
It started out looking like this one. I don't have it anymore so I can't show an actual pictures. I had to add a third wheel in the back so it could stand up by it's self.


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What if you convert it into a robat lawn mower. It could follow certain colored lines.Then it will just require a supply cord and you don't even have to control it with your joystick.But one will have to take care of the supply cord.

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I am considering the same kind of project. Finding other RC lawnmowers on the web has proven fairly difficult. Here are two that I have found so far:

This guy has made two of em!

Scroll down about 1/4 of the page (or search for "mower")

You will notice that these three (2 in the first link) all use servos to turn front wheel. I was thinking of doing something less involved. I was thinking that I could put caster wheels on the back, then put two motors connected to the front wheels. This would allow me to drive each wheel seperately and drive the mower like a tank (i.e hold left wheel braked and spin the right wheel and the mower should turn using the left front wheel as a pivot... which would be perfect for mowing in strips!)

Of course, this method seems only useful if you are starting with a mower that is not self-propelled. If you can start with mower that is self-propelled, perhaps the servo option is better because all you have to worry about doing is engaging the clutch, and steering, which is probably why the guys in the previous links went the way they did. You also don't need to have a huge-ass battery on their for two motors.

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