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ibutton lock with PIC

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I am starting this topic because some people ask me about this.

I have got some sample serial number ibuttons and I really want to play with them in order to make a locking mechanism.

I keep searching the net for projects and ideas, so any contributions are welcome !!!

What I have already found is this site, but it is in russian !! ...well...www.systranbox.net

I also found the files I am attaching...


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this is gunna sound stupid but -
have yo tryed the manufactors? one time they had docs and progs free for that sort of thing?
this is how i under stand.
a PIC has two prong to read the Ibutton (a modified button cell battry connector) a PTM button connected to the pic to "programe" numbers and a relay to activate the lock(standered alarm system = 12 or 24 V).
the PIC is programed to read the ibutton chectk the number with an internal list of numbers if the numbers match the relay is activated removing power from the lock allowing the door to open.
to program the list the PIC is programed so a Ibutton is put in contact, the button is pressed and the pic rembers the code.
This is the professional way of doing it but iff you want a better discription reply.

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