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Radio control glow engine 'glow driver'

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Hi, this is the first topic I have started so have patience with me. I a beginner within electronics, and sadly have ideas bigger than my understanding at the moment, but Im here to learn.
I fly radio control model aircraft, and Ive been looking for a better version of the glow plug driver that is fitted in my field box.
Ive come across a circuit diagram on the web, and wish to convert the diagram to a PCB.
Here lies the problem. How do I convert the diagram into a working track layout? Is there software available that can do this or can anyone give me some tips on doing this by hand.
Also can any of the experts here have a look at the diagram and let me know their suggestions on improving this if it needs it.

I have seen much simpler diagrams but ive been told this is one of the better ones, and Im looking for the excuse (lol....) to build something while waiting for the discussion on the 0-30v PSU to give me some uprated parts suggestions
Thanks all
Ian - bigpetespc


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Hi Hotwaterwizard,
thanks for the two links. I had the first but the other is new to me.
Im going to have to do some homework now to work through the circuit diagram.
The second links circuit does not seem to have any shown output adjustment? (I think...) so does the circuit regulate the output ot the plug automatically or is the adjustment just not shown on the diagram.
Ive yet to try to translate the page, as the english link was not working last night.
Lots to learn yet...all good fun though.

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Hi Hotwaterwizard......
All I can say right now is 'WOW'
You must have searched out every glow project on the entire internet. Im very impressed and greatfull. Thank you.
Only problem is...now I have to work out what to build. I have quite a bit of reading to do.
I didnt realise there were so many ways of doing the same thing, or is this the point with studying electronics? That you can take an idea and modify it to almost anything you want to....
I cant wait to learn enough to start designing things myself.
Right now though...back to the reading.
Many thanks

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In my plane-days, I used a #6 dry cell. Have you seen one? 1.5V and it weighed about 4 pounds. When the engine wouldn't start then it was time for a new battery. I might try an electric plane this summer, but instead of Radio Control, I'll use a timer to control PWM motor speed control, and let it go free-flight:
1) Full power for takeoff, for about 15 seconds.
2) 2/3 power for climb, for about 30 seconds, then it crashes.
3) If it's still flying, then 1/2 power for cruise, for 1 minute.
4) Then cut the motor and let it land in a tree.
But if it gets into a strong thermal then i'll never see it again (been there, done that).
Maybe during #1, it will loop and hit my back.
Good luck keeping your glow plugs hot.

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Hi Audioguru,
got to say I can relate with you. Ive had a bit of fun with free flight when I first started aircraft modelling.
More than once I have seen one fly away, with the timer to make it come down/back failing.....Doh!!
I have not been flying rc for quite a few years, but Ive decided to get back into it, and fancied building some of my own kit this time round rather than buying it.
Im still going through the links that were posted earlier for the glow driver. Im almost set on the one I want to make now though.
I have a question about Ni cad chargers as well...I see there are a few charger circuits in the projects page on this site, but has anyone found or designed a 'charging station'?? that is a unit that allows you to charge different types of batteries (NiCad, NiMh, etc) all from the same unit. A friend of mine is looking for an all in one intelligent or programmable unit, that could be made rather than bought....anyone out there done it, looked at it or working on it? A challenge maybe. Way over my head. If anyone knows of a link please post it.

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