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Greetings all!

I have a few questions, and although i can handle a sodiering iron i am by no means an expert at eletronics, but i know enough to know which end of the sodiering iron not to touch when hot!

I am currently working on a project for a car.

I want to read the tach/speedometer/volt/temp/oil pressure then send this information to a PC to be displayed on a graphical screen. Writing the code isn't the problem, i have C++ knowledge enough to write it. What i need is a way to convert the signals from the engine to the PC. The Transmission has a place on it for a digital signal to be sent, and the tach just uses a pulse signal, the temp i have already figured out how to do and the volt. The Oil pressure and Speedometer are the ones i am having trouble figuring out how to read. Does anyone have an ideas on what i can use/build/buy for this?? Once i get all the signals set up i'll use an interface into the Parralle port to update the PC or if i can make it wireless which would be a better idea but first things first, the signals for the speedo and oil pressure.


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eliminator, how are you with microprocessor chips? If you are familiar with them, then you might want to consider sending the information to the chip first, format the data in some way, then feed the data to the serial port of the PC instead. You will need other hardware to interface the parallel port to all of the different types of signals that you want. Some will be voltage levels and some will be pulses.


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The gif files is the smallest type of picture files that I know of. They can be very small if you only use black & white witch in most cases is good for circuits. Anything with less than 256 colours will be small.

Ante ::)

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What program do you use to convert GIF to JPG?
Will it also convert BMP (huge file) to JPG?

I use Irfanview, it can convert a great many file types. I mainly use its screen capture feature on the options tab, with it i can copy, save to a file and convert a screen image in just one click.

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