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10 Led chasser

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This light chasser , i used to power 96 leds and used it as a lotto number picker , by tapping to each side of the electro. and runing the wires to a push button switch ,enabled me to create a short when the button is pushed, this stops the leds in there tracks . where the numbers for the lotto was below each led . this was tried with the other light chasser. but may still work the same with this.the other version had a 105 poly in place of the electro and allso had a logic ic instead of the timer. so ill post that one next time.

by Steven (received via e-mail)

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Dismantled view of a 6 to 96 led light chasser display

In these pictures of one of 3 led chasers, i dismantled to salvage the needed prototype boards in one picture shows the long led mounting board with the small holes down the centre, which the small leds fit perfectly this long board is only one of 2 boards used the main board has the 555ic and electro and decade counter, this decade counter indentation ,that s supposed to mark the top left number 1 pin, is at the opposite end of the chip, making it look like its upside down, when its not, on the main board you

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