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hello people..
im a newbie.. im need to design a device that can detects cable route and estimates current without physical connection to the power cable in concealed electrical installation.

i havent been able to find much circuit diagram or anythingregarding this topic. can someone please help me? and enlighten me plz? ???

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This subject was discussed briefly last December here:


I posted a simple schematic. You would need to add some type of meter to the circuit. As drawn, it will only detect.


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this is the description of my project:

A practical problem in domestic electrical installation is that during simple renovation of houses. Concealed electrical wiring makes difficult for the house owner to identify a suitable location to nail the wall. Also to estimate amount of current the cable is conducting without actually connecting to any measurement meter is definitely a great helpful for an electrician to plan on additional electrical installation. This project is to design an electronic circuit with a display unit, which will detect electromagnetic wave/any type of radiated wave a power cable might produce, and use for routing detection as well as to estimate the amount of current it is carrying

can i use the metal detector approach for this?
im a little confused... i really need advice please
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The metal detector approach will tell you there is a wire there, but it will also tell you there is a nail or a water pipe there. It will not tell you what the current of the wire is. For this, you will need an inductance meter circuit.


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It is possible to detect if it is power or a nail but the current cannot be measured this way. There are cheap detectors for this making a LED blink for power and lit constant for a nail or pipe. If you need to measure current there must be a known distance between the wire and your divice.

Ante ::)

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