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Weird relay problem..

Guest Kasamiko

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Thank-you for correcting your original statements. Are you using translation software? Where are your other corrections that I made?
I see your point that a relay coil terminal that has a continuous voltage on it could conduct through a path of dirt to ground and latch-on, and that your suggestion of grounding the coil stops this from occuring. But then the dirt or the PNP will blow-up instead.

How are your relay tests?

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audioguru, you can argue the point all you want, but what I have offered is a module which is time proven. Not theory. Rhonn can take it or leave it and it would not move me in any way. Suggestions from others seem to annoy you. Or perhaps just suggestions from me ;D. Still annoyed about current storage in a capacitor? ;D

No, I am not using translation software. ( nor did I correct myself ;) ). You are the only person who has had trouble with reading or understanding my English to my knowledge.


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Guest Kasamiko

OK.OK.Ok... I've found the cause!!!
Our line voltage occasionally drop to a VERY LOW VALUE of 185VAC!!! Which starved the whole circuit or disconnect the relay, which make my load turn on and off!!

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