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Temperature controller for fan

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Well that's me above - the last thing I had to do with electronics in it's pure form (I am a gadget fiend but they're already built!) was in 1990 and my GCSE Electronics course - I have done a bit of soldering therefore but the rest is partially forgotten in the mists of time.

I now have a situation where my AV equipment is to be stored in a cabinet (kids!) with restricted airflow. I have managed to get my hands on a 12v DC fan and also a 12v regulated power supply, all well and good if I want to run the fan 24/7 but I don't!

I want to control it based on the temperature inside the cabinet (mainly because of the risk of cooking my Sky+ if anyone knows about them) so I'm looking for either a ready-made gizmo that you attach power supply at one side and attach the output the other side and set your temperature and bob's your uncle. OR I need something very very simple to put together myself or some pointers to someone who could put it together for me - I think the internal sky fan comes on about 50 degrees but want my fan to come on much less than this say about 30 or so.

Can anyone help or has anyone had similar experiences and solutions?


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hey. stevem999
I don't think that it is dependent on the box. Although i have never opened a sky+ box. i only use it at friends for Simpsons. Anyway I think that the best way to go (if you don't want to mess with electronics) is to try maplin electronics every three months or so they have new gizmos and applications and most of them are things that you on the internet and you want to have them but you can't build them. They do i haven't look at their catalogue lately but they will know of something i'm prety sure.

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