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Displaying amps & volts on 1 display

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I was looking at the datasheets for the Maxim ICL7135 4 1/2 Digit ADC and the ICM7211 4 Digit LCD Decoder Driver:


I'm still a little (actually alot!) baffled by the various display interfaces but I was wondering if 2 separate meters (a volt meter and an amp meter) were created using 2 each of the 7135/7211 chips, could they be connected to one LCD display such as a 1 line, 16 character display to show volts and amps at the same time? Or am I trying to put a square peg in a round whole? :-\

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Big files, the poor guys on dial-up.
You are correct, 2 each of the ICM7135 and ICM7211 ICs can be used to display volts and amps on a 16 digit, 7 segment LCD display.
Note that this is not a character display.
On the ICM7135 datasheet, page 1 shows a simple application, but using the ICM7212 LED driver. Connect your LCD the same way to an ICM7211.
Since your display will have a common backplane, syncronize the backplane drivers by using only one oscillator and connect the drivers together as described in the ICM7211 datasheet.

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