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FS: Brand new RF Power Transistors-MOSFETS

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Hi to all.
Just to notify that we got a lot of some types of RF Power
transistors and MOSFETs to sell. Types are:
Type Quant Price
MRF317 500 : 32 EURO
BLF861 190 : 108EURO
MRF377 18 : 125EURO
MRF372 8 : 100EURO
BLF278 130 : 105EURO
SD2932 75 : 77 EURO
MRF151G 200 : 94 EURO
Prices are without VAT 18% Please add 18% to find actual price. Companies on Eu can be excluded from VAT.
Anyone that interests on buying from 1 or to all Lot of a part
contact me with PM.
Visa Cards are accepted for payment as those are from ASPiSYS LTD
My regards

Sotris Pdmtr
FM & TV PLL transmitters at

P.O.Box 14386
Athens 11510
Tel : +30 210 7719 544
Fax : +30 210 7714 983

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