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idea of infinite energy

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We all know that a noise have an flat spectrum. Also we know that the noise have an inverse fourier transform approximately equal to a dirac function. The energy of this signal is very high (going to infinity almost). Can we tap a very high amount of energy from this signal at that instant. Please send in your criticism about this idea and feasibility that it will work.

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Noise has a high peak voltage, but it is only momentary, random and varies its polarity. If you want to make a power source from noise, then connect a long outdoor antenna to a rectifier and filter capacitor to ground. The average power output of this power source will be very low because its voltage peaks are only momentary and random, and the current is very low, unless a high-power transmitter or lightning storm is nearby.

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I agree with audioguru. If you apply apply a huge force to a stationary object for a nanosecond, you probably won't move the object. To move a large object (do some work), you have to apply a considerable impulse. This is the area under the force vs time curve. Even though you have a large amplitude, you can't get any useful energy out of pulses that have too small a duration.



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