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Even the different schematic editors will have some differences in the symbols that they use for the same package sometimes. Can you post the schematic or the symbol? Perhaps recreate the symbol in microsoft paint and post the image.
There are many members here who can steer you in the right direction.


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I try to download Rectifier Book from this page,but nothing comes!So I look for it with Google-here is the result  www.ieeta.pt/~alex/docs/ApplicationNotes/ Rectifier%20Applications%20Handbook.pdf .By same ONSEMI you can get SWITCHMODE Power Supply Reference Manual at www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/SMPSRM-D.PDF

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Hey Guys, this thread has started to piss me off with all those 404's and links not found. ???

So here you have it all, ... oh yes, ... and also that damn "Rectifier Applications Handbook.pdf" (1.89 MB). ;D


Enjoy !

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It's a pleasure @Gogo2520,

Here you have 22 Interesting and Educating (Theory) Manuals from "ON Semiconductor" (I do not work for "ON Semiconductor" or have any other interest in them, besides knowledge).

"ON Semiconductor" Manuals:

Just a few examples (Rewritten File notation):
Power MOSFET's (ON Semiconductor - DL135-D - Rev.8 - Dec-2004) 1126s.pdf
Rectifier Device Data (ON Semiconductor - DL151-D - Rev.5 - Nov-2004) 650s.pdf
Thyristor Device Data (ON Semiconductor - DL137-D - Rev.8 - Nov-2004) 359s.pdf
AC-DC Power Conversion Products (ON Semiconductor - DLD609-D - Rev.1 - Oct-2005) 959s.pdf

Enjoy !

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50 Semiconductor databooks for free !

If you feel like spending enough time per eBook, you can complete 50 digitized data books. This site supports 1 file per download, and the data books are made up out of more downloadable sections.

They also support 5.2 Million Datasheets & 1.1 Million Cross-References !

The Data Book Project:

Enjoy !


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Hi @Ante,

I sometimes try to think of time like if I was looking at a broken clock were it has been frozen, only much to my dismay, to wake up again out of my illusion to see that it was all just a dream after all.

Sometimes, late at night when I feel that I am alone and nobody is watching me and things are nice and quiet, I go to the park. I then sit on a children's swing, and star into the infinite universe of beautiful stars and smell the sweet scent of perfumed flowers around. In this way I can swing back into time, looking at the stars turning round and round, and having the feeling of being naively young again like when I was a little boy. Having no worries, just experiencing the sensation of the wind wushing by, and to be overcome by this overwhelming sensation and feeling of joy and happiness. Maybe I am just a dreamer, for things just seam to be so perfect in this way. No suffering, no violence, no pain, no hunger, no hate, no greed, just being alone in this infinite universe of space, peace, freedom and all the beauty that mother nature has to display. How blind have we become, what a horror has mankind indulged them selves into. How nice must it be to stay ignorant of all that has become of us, and to only be able to see the beauty of all that surrounds us. I am actually not that old, but it's sometimes just those small things that count and add just that little extra dimension to life that makes one love to be alive.

I thought you would like this web page, for it brings back old memories, doesn't it ? :'(

Are you also such a tube fanatic as I am ?, the warmth, the glow in the dark, that velvet soft hum in the background, the spacyness, and all that "air" surrounding the instruments and vocals. I like to believe that no transistor or MOSFET can beat this, for they just seem to miss that little extra sensation that only a tube amp can give you. I have a few thousand of these miracle glass bulbs, and wouldn't want to miss them for a hundred fold of there weight in gold. No diamond can match up to there shine, for I feel that they are alive. One day, I will buy two big bare 5-10 kg silicium iron EI-cores, and will build myself a Williamson amplifier. I have the original transformer core winding data. I may however use a Radford faze splitter, but the sound will be the main determinant for this one. Williamson was far ahead of time with his philosophy and design approach, and maybe even by todays standards, it is still almost unbeatable in sound. Single ended triode amps can also have a hell of a good sound, despite there bad technical specs, overshoot and distortion. But then again, a discussion like this is like talking about the best tasting food. We will never all agree on this one, and always find something to complain and wine about, and try to prove our own and personal point of view as being better than that of others. ;)

Just a few links, to "rub" you back into the "good old days" ;D

Dave's Homemade Tube Radios (Please check out his links !):

A sunset is beautiful, a newborn baby is beautiful, but these books are absolutely fantastic ! ;D

DIY Audio Home (Technical books online! ~ 1,043 megabytes and growing!) :o:

Enjoy !



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Hi Cryonic!

Couldn't have said all that better, I've built receivers, transmitters rf-amplifiers guitar amps with tubes, few things give such a pleasure as looking into a glowing tube if lucky some blue colour slips out from the holes in the plate and they even smell good

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