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Many supply voltages

Kevin Weddle

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I am in the process of a project and I am concerned that I may need many different supply voltages. I want to revamp this circuit I have to include the correct supply voltage. I really want to maximize this circuit and the constraints of a few voltage levels is not acceptable. How difficult is it going to be to step down, filter, and regulate many voltage levels? I am also looking for a shortcut. Maybe I could tap a low resistor value divider to get the voltages. The current might be a little high and wasteful. Maybe a row of zeners would work. Surely this is how it is done in serious electronics applications.

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I don't know yet exactly how much current I will need. But the voltages will be made up as I have gotten away from the standard voltaged and am looking to maximize so that I can include the right resistors. This is an extrodinary task. Why don't you think zeners are a way to go? I guess I must face the fact that I might need a good array of different transformers. I am thinking that I can get around this by using a divider on the output of the transformer. This of course makes for poor line regulation.

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If using very low currents it is possible to use zeners and resistor dividers, but otherwise it is a very "lossy" way to go.
You must have some idea of the current needed nA, mA, hundreds of mA or A. And of curse the voltages involved.
An interesting thing is if you can use common ground (negative) for all the voltages or not.

Ante ::)

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